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Walks Around Whitby - LogoI have felt for some time now that there is a lack of up to date walks that are based in and around Whitby. Therefore it has been a labour of love to compile a wide range that should suit ALL needs. They are based from Whitby, some are entirely on foot and others utilise the excellent local public transport network to get to the start/finish points.
It would be nice to think that some money for charity could be raised from all of this one day … and only one really came to mind (and in the hearts of many Whitby folk) … the RNLI. However, I have no stomach for crossing the commercial and copyright minefield that would ensue (a massive thanks to Tony D for offering to help me with this anyway!) ... when all I want to do is produce high-quality walks! 
For each walk, a leaflet has been produced (with colossal help from Wojchiech!) containing: relevant information/statistics/points of interest. All are accompanied by the route on the latest (1:25,000) digital mapping.
Compiling the points of interest seemed to take me an eternity to produce … 99% of research is discarded, only the relevant is extracted! I have the urge to tell every single minute detail about the area (it’s like trying to condense ‘War & Peace’ onto 1/2 page of foolscap!). The limited space I have does however discipline me to only deliver bite-sized pieces (manageable to read and digest during the walk). I do tend to dwell on one particular topic, pertinent to the route, for each walk. This has allowed me to build up a comprehensive insight, over the full series of leaflets, into this fascinating part of the world … I love the final result!  

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Sample Route

 PT = requires public transport / Car = suitable for self driving to start & finish point


  • Fun - Tick Mark1 – Whitby Circular via Mickleby (coastal / woodland) … ” Mad Cows & Englishmen”

  • Fun - Tick Mark2 – Whitby Circular via Littlebeck (valley woodland) … “The Valley That Never Was”

  • Fun - Tick Mark 3 – Cloughton to Whitby via Robin Hood’s Bay (coastal) … ” Cliffs, Klaxons & Cloisters” PT

  • Fun - Tick Mark4 – Hinderwell to Whitby via Boulby (coastal / woodland) … ” The Germans Are Coming” PT
  • 5 – Hole of Horcum Circular via Lockton (moorland / valley) … “From Russia With Love” PT / Car
  • 6 – Castleton to Glaisdale via Botton (moorland / valley) … ” ” PT
  • Fun - Tick Mark 7 – Scaling Dam to Whitby via Egton (moorland / valley) … “On The Radar” PT



  • Fun - Tick Mark10 – Grosmont to Whitby via Beck Hole (valley / woodland) … “The Land Of Stone & Iron ” PT

  • Fun - Tick Mark11 – Grosmont to Whitby via Sneaton (moorland /valley) … “Mule Train Over The Moors” PT

  • Fun - Tick Mark12 – Fylingthorpe to Whitby via Littlebeck (moorland /valley) … “True Or False?” PT 

  • Fun - Tick Mark13 – Lealholm to Whitby via Grosmont (valley / woodland) … “A Fish Called Meander” PT 

  • 14 – Levisham Circular via Keldy (moorland / valley) … ” ” PT
  • 15 – Staithes to Whitby via Runswick Bay (coastal) … ” ” PT
  • 16 – Ravenscar to Whitby via Robin Hood’s Bay (coastal) … “” PT
  • 17 – Gerrick to Staithes via Loftus (woodland / coastal) … “” PT



  • Fun - Tick Mark20 – Whitby Circular via Sandsend (coastal / woodland) … “Elephants & Castles”

  • 21 – Robin Hood’s Bay to Whitby via Hawsker Bottoms (coastal) … ” ” PT
  • 22 – Grosmont Circular via Goathland (valley / woodland) … “Falling For Ewe” PT
  • Fun - Tick Mark23 – Flask Inn to Hawsker via Robin Hoods Bay (coastal / woodland) “Bang A Drum”  PT

  • Fun - Tick Mark24 – Thornton-le-Dale Circular via Dalby Forest (valley / woodland) … “Gone To The Dogs” PT / Car



  • Fun - Tick Mark30 – East Barnby to Whitby via Sandsend (coastal / woodland) … “A Tale Of Three Castles” PT

  • Fun - Tick Mark31 – Thornton-le-Dale Circular via Dalby Forest (valley / woodland) … “Run Rabbit Run” PT

  • Fun - Tick Mark32 – Hawsker to Whitby via Stainsacre  (valley / woodland) … ” A Cinder Surprise” PT

  • Fun - Tick Mark33 – Whitby Circular via Sandsend (coastal) … “Now You Sea It … Now You Don’t”

  • Fun - Tick Mark34 – Runswick Bay to Whitby via Sandsend (coastal) … “Two Tunnels & A Funeral” PT 

  • Fun - Tick Mark35 – Goathland to Grosmont (valley) … “Do Spare The Horses” PT

  • Fun - Tick Mark36 – West Barnby to Whitby via Sandsend (valley / woodland) … “If You Dare Go Down In The Woods To-day …” PT



  • 40 – Whitby Circular … ” “



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This is my take on this classic long-distance path. It is broken down into daily sections (of around 18 miles) and is crammed packed with up to date information, mapping and points of interest.