Anglesey Round

This is an ambitious project to walk around the island, some 140 miles in stages, along the excellent coastal footpath.

LEG 1 ~ AMLWCH TO MOELFRE ~ xx miles / xxxx feet of ascent

Amlwch once boasted the largest copper mine in the world! and a large bromide works with its own railway … all that has now gone, the unsightly scars remain. The earth’s riches have been plundered and the works have been conveniently abandoned.

The harbour inlet became a busy port and significant shipbuilding and repair centre, as well as an embarkation point for boats to the Isle of Man and Liverpool.


# This is a very remote section and could prove challenging in inclement weather.

# Refreshments are to be had at Amlwich Harbour, but there is nothing then until you reach the Pilot Boat pub at City Dulas.

# The path at Traeth Dulas runs right alongside the shoreline … this will not be accessible at spring/high tides, roads will have to be used to bi-pass this.

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LEG 2 ~ MOELFRE TO ~ xx miles / xx feet of ascent