Blue Fox Walks is a non-commercial and non-political club that was formed in 2004 by myself, Vinnie Anderson, and fellow enthusiast Jon Shedwick. Our aim is simple; to promote walking and to encourage and assist walkers, of all backgrounds and abilities … to enjoy, what we believe to be, the richest and most charismatic nation on earth! with its unrivalled network of footpaths and diversity of countryside. All are supported by world-renowned mapping.

Based in the ideal location of North Manchester (with The Lakes, Dales, Peaks and Snowdonia lying within easy reach), we specialise in planning routes for groups, organizations and councils, in any part of Great Britain, tailor-made to suit exact requirements and specifications. Although our prime interest is in walking, we do also arrange other outdoor-related activities (esp. cycling), ‘challenges’ and events (including weekend breaks).
We have pioneered, and perfected, our unique style of leadership (“pairing”) … the safety and comfort of the group, especially to newcomers, is paramount. Relaying points of interest, providing pertinent information and ‘entertaining’ the party are also trademarks of our walks / rides.
Our very own thorough and first-class navigation course has turned out to be ideal in-house training for any of our new leaders, those leading for other clubs and for anyone wishing to explore the mountains and moors safely with confidence. The last two decades or so have seen the opening up of vast swathes of land for us to responsibly explore. We demonstrate that when planning our walks there is far more to it than just joining up the ‘green dotted lines’… and I am not just referring to the uplands(?).
In the early days of the club, we produced an array of group walks of our own. They ranged from ‘Family Strolls’ to ‘Grade III Scrambles’ (and just about everything in between). The real success story was not the walks themselves, but the fantastic mix of people that they attracted!
Although we have not abandoned group walks, it was time to draw breath and allow some time to pursue and fulfil our own individual ambitions. I have personally concentrated on teaching and writing, for which the mainstay of this website has been subsequently focused. I have built up an impressive portfolio of routes (walking and cycling) and have painstakingly started to put them together in a self-lead and easy-to-use format.
We have been going for two decades now and with age comes wisdom. All my “pioneering projects” are well underway, so I will continue to work on the mammoth task of upgrading or completing them. 
Some of my time is spent advising individuals and leaders on all matters walking, we have bought the very latest digital mapping (in a range of scales) and are developing drawing our routes, without infringing on any copyright issues … this will most definitely elevate us to another level. To keep in touch with the rambling fraternity, I have returned to leading the odd walk for other groups (freelancing!!!).
I have invited (and do invite) others to freely use this site to promote their own walking (or other) ideas … there is plenty of web space and it is a great medium in which to communicate information.
We try and reserve Saturdays for ‘the hills’. If you read our ‘Club The Countryside CodeArticles’ Page, as it builds throughout the year, you will gain an insight into what we stand for and what we value … the adventures we embark on, the fun through experience and the respect of the outdoors we have and the incredible (sometimes unexpected) secrets that we uncover.
I would like to pay particular tribute to our past leaders, their diverse creative talents never ceased to amaze me! I very much hope that I get the privilege to work with them again in the future(?).
PATRON: Frank Search
CHAIRMAN: Chris Oliver
SECRETARY: Vinnie Anderson
TREASURER: Neil Winstanley
WEBMASTER: Wojciech Gonera
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Our gratitude goes to the following people, for their advice and support in setting up this club:
Nick Hunsley,   Tony Dalton,   Craig Maken,   Tony ‘Potty’ Platt,   W (Bill) J. & Danny M.


“you enjoy our walks … you don’t endure them!”

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