Another Postcard From Jersey



It is June 2016 … another sublime week was spent in the place that I call “Paradise Island”! I not only wanted to uncover more cycling and walking secrets this time, but I was keen to find out what makes this place tick. This involved me speaking to many people during my stay (I felt like a investigative journalist at times!) and left me mentally shattered by the end!!!

Jersey - Topgraphical Map

Topographical map of the island

Before I tell you about my latest magnificent adventure, a pertinent word on the topography of the island, that I hope will paint a mental picture(?).

The best description that I have come across goes something like … “… Jersey is roughly rectangular in shape, modestly measuring some 5 x 11 miles. Essentially it is a platform rising out of the English Channel that tilts southwards. A series of valleys run from north to south and thus creating an undulating inland terrain ..”