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Manchester’s top 10 craft beer pubs

Here is a newspaper article declaring the top 10 pubs in Manchester, I draw your attention to one in particular …”The Marble Arch”. How subjective this all is, although a fantastic pub that is full of character, I personally wouldn’t put their beer in the top 1000!!! (V.A.)

In the first of a new series on craft beer pubs, and ahead of this weekend’s Indy Man Beer Con festival in Manchester, Tony Naylor samples the city’s best boozers:

ARTICLES - Marble ArchIt’s 125 years old but this handsome Victorian boozer – all glazed tile work and vintage detail – has never been busier. The flagship for Manchester’s finest microbrewery, Marble, it attracts beer fans of all stripes. Get there early to bag a table or risk internal exile to a much uglier back room. Eleven hand-pulls and three craft keg lines showcase mainly Marble beers. Historically, Manchester loves dry, pale session ales and Marble’s laconically named Pint is a corker in that style. Its revelatory best bitter and lush chocolate stout may suggest a brewery that is all about reviving traditional styles, but a new Earl Grey IPA and its legendary, ever-evolving Ginger ale (now in its 5.1% iteration) illustrate how Marble has its finger on craft beer’s creative pulse. Food is good quality (mains from £9.95) and the extensive cheese menu is a boon (from £6.95, four choices). Marble also has a modern bar in the Northern Quarter (57 Thomas Street).  Pint from £2.80. 73 Rochdale Road, 0161 832 5914,

Look again at the photograph above and see if you can identify the four blokes in the bottom right hand corner??? (VA)